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Hi, I'm Bob And I want to tell you my story. I'm working as a manager and always got huge stress during the day. That's why I was often visiting a doctor. First, he prescribes me some medicines, and it helps me for the first time. But after some time symptoms back again. Then doc. said to me that I have to change my job because It will kill me. Or I have to find a way to fight my stress. As I got good money doing my job, I decided to find my way to return to the norm. I was trying to search for some info on the web, but all info was very different. Then I think that lot of people work with me and feel good. So I ask the most successful manager in our office, Leo, to tell me how he fights his stress. He smiles and tells me about the few bucks e-book: "How To Meditate For Beginners Kit". Then I start to search for info about it on the web and find a lot of positive feedback on it. After I buy it I got 5 e-books where I find answers to my questions.  The main goal of the book is the simple description of all actions you need to do without tons of theoretical text. So the same day I start my practice in meditation. I must say that It really works very well.


  • easy to understand what you have to do
  • written for nubs in this topic
  • get fine results in short terms
  • don't need much time to get to grips with the method


  • It's not a pill you need to do something to get results, but it's worth it.

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Let's ask the question, "Is there any benefit to meditation?" Well, that question is rhetorical, and the answer is obvious. Yes, of course, there is, and this has been proven in practice. If meditation were an empty pastime, people would not practice it. Notice, however, that meditation is not practiced by retarded individuals, but by highly evolved and highly gifted people. They are often very busy, running companies, negotiating and concluding multi-million dollar deals. This is the kind of public that is not accustomed to wasting time. If even they, seemingly quite distant from spiritual teachings, understand the benefits of meditation, it makes sense to listen.


It is one thing when spiritual leaders or the same Buddhist monks promote meditation and present it as one of the best means of working on oneself, improving the process of self-knowledge and awareness. It is their element, they know what they are saying; however, they are often disconnected from the world: they live at temples, there is no routine for them, as it is completely excluded from their lives. They have devoted themselves to the cause of service. You could call it service to the Highest, knowledge and fusion with the Absolute, understanding of the true essence, and final disidentification with the ego.

Whatever word you use to express the essence of their activity, it always bears the imprint of something mystical, the echoes of the higher spheres.

In contrast, business people look at the matter from a more practical side, and they find in meditation a means of calming the nervous system, of balancing the emotions. The ability to regroup and disconnect from business realities in order to restore the emotional sphere and replenish energy reserves, to learn to concentrate on one thing, directing attention in a given direction instead of jumping from one problem to another in search of an answer - that is what busy people learn through the practice of meditation.

They may not realize the full benefit of the practice, but they get it, even if they don't fully understand what it is or how it works.

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